Gazpromneft Ocean marine oils are available in South Korea

Gazpromneft Ocean marine oils are available in South Korea

Gazpromneft Ocean engine oils are available in 16 ports of South Korea, including Busan, Ulsan, Incheon, Pohang and Pyeongtek. Packaged or bulk products can be delivered on board in 3 or 4 days’ notice depending on port category.

The production is arranged on a partner facility that has passed a technical audit for compliance with international standards. The quality is controlled at all stages from the raw materials delivery till the lubricants transportation to vessel.

High quality base oils allow Gazpromneft Ocean lubricants to maintain optimal viscosity under high mechanical and thermal stresses. Modern additives prevent lacquering, soot deposition, and maintain cleanliness in the piston area of the engines. Products are approved by leading equipment manufacturers: Wartsila, Winterthur Gas & Diesel, MAN Diesel & Turbo, J-ENG.

The first Gazpromneft Ocean CCL40 supplies have already been carried out at the ports of Busan, Masan and Incheon.

Roman Miroshnichenko, Managing Director, Gazpromneft Marine Lubricants, commented:
“The quality of work and service of Gazpromneft Marine Lubricants is ensured by a professional team with 8 years’ experience in marine oils business. We establish the most comfortable environment for customers business by providing high tech lubricants approved by OEMs and developing digital tools. For example Personal Account service allows receiving a prompt feedback on equipment and working oil condition. ”

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