Changeover to Gazpromneft lubricant

The manual below contains basic principles and rules for the changeover procedure from various manufacturers lubricants to Gazpromneft marine lubricants.

All major marine lubricants are compatible with equivalent products from other manufacturers recommended for the particular use.

The most of marine lubricants are divided into 3 groups:

  • Group "A" (Oils with acid additives);
  • Group "B" (Oils with alkaline additives);
  • Group "C" (Oils without acidic or alkaline additives);

Different manufacturers’ products belonging to the same group are compatible with other products in this group. However, group "A" products are incompatible with group "B" products and vice versa. The group "C" products do not contain either acid or alkaline additives and are compatible with products from the "A" and "B" groups.

Changing the oils manufacturer, please follow these rules:

  • Similar mineral lubricants from different manufacturers can be mixed;
  • It is necessary to avoid mixing different types of synthetic products;

Equivalent products can be safely added in already used ones, provided that the procedure for adding lubricants from another manufacturer is complied (adding not more than 10% of the new product to the used oil at one time).

The oils service life is similar, provided that the rules of equipment technical operation in equivalent products are followed.